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Peak Finance is the first Cryptocurrency project that Aeacus Capital has Co-Founded.


Peak Finance is a protocol designed to maintain the $PEAK token to the value of $METIS.

To Learn more check out the Peak Finance Website

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Crypto Consulting Institute is a global leader in educating new and current cryptocurrency investors to SAFELY create WEALTH in this revolutionary digital asset class!


Aeacus Capital was founded in early 2021 by Steven Body (Director), with the vision of building our own legacy in the upcoming digital asset world via the means of investing & trading in anything that Cryptocurrency's entail, from Bitcoin to DeFi & purchasing NFT's. We at Aeacus Capital completely understand the complexity & benefits this technology has as a disrupter to traditional finance and global currency's, all the way down to eliminating fraudulent transactions and theft via proof of ownership coded into the public blockchain and the authenticity and transparency that this sector can bring in the future with wider global adoption.

Parts of our company's daily operations include investing, trading, education, venture capital/ICO funding for promising crypto and tech start ups, and IT/R&D towards building our own infrastructure and projects within the cryptocurrency field for the holes we see in the market as it expands faster than the internet did, another focus is developing strategies of all the above mentioned and applying them into the new idea of a "Metaverse", an online planetary society.

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Steven Body



Timothy Body

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NSW, Australia


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